What to do in Pitigliano?

Pitigliano is a small lovely town located in South of Tuscany it lies on the “Area del Tufo” (tufo is a volcanic rock found in the area that has been used for thousands of years in construction). It is worth spending an afternoon or a hole day because this small town has a really special history

The interesting and especially unique thing of this little town right in the middle of Tuscany is that the quaint of the old town is know as Little Jerusalem because of the presence of the Jewish in its territory.

Upon being resettled in this part of Pitigliano, the Jews adapted the already existent excavated spaces to meet the needs of their community.

For just a few Euros you can admire the Old Jewish Quarter. Inside, besides, finding the Synagogue you can see the Ritual Bath, the Kosher Cellar, the Museum of the Jewish Culture, the Kosher Buther, the Unleavened Bread Bakery and the Dye-Works.

Exact address:
Vicolo Margera (traversa via Zuccarelli)

Where to eat in Pitigliano?

There are many typical restaurants, so you will not have any problems finding a place to stop.  I suggest:

Trattoria il Grillo – Via Cavour, 18.

Its a very small restaurant where you can find the most typical dishes of the area, for example the Acquacotta (a Tuscan vegetable soup with a boiled egg inside).

Even if you feel full at the end of your meal, do not miss the homemade desserts.

And don’t miss the Sfratto which is a typical dessert from Pitigliano  – you can both try it in a pastry shop or buy some to bring back home when you will be missing Italian Cousine 🙂


If in the area during these two events they are worth seeing.

  • Torciata di San Giuseppe: which takes place on the 19th of March. This traditional custom was started from the Etruscan population. Basically a bonfire is lit in one of the main Piazzas of the town (Piazza del Comune) in the fire the winter is metaphorically burnt away so that spring can be welcomed. It is not a coincidence that the bonfire is lit on the spring equinox. 


  • Infiorata: in occasion of the celebration of the Corpus Domini (June) the town center is transformed in a colorful carpet made of flowers. 
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