Are you tired of being in lines and surrounded by tourists? Here are five secret views of the Florentine red roofs where you can enjoy the panorama with the locals.

1)      Biblioteca Oblate

This building was built to be an old monastery. Now it it one of the most popular libraries in Florence students of all ages go there to study. On the top,  enjoy a coffee while admiring the view of the Duomo of Florence, you are so close that you feel like you can touch it. Since the library is opened until midnight on most days, you might want to go and take in a night view, especially during the Spring and Summer. Make sure you do not go on Monday morning as it is closed.

Address: Via dell’Oriuolo, 26

2)      Terrazza La Rinascente

The terraces is on the top of one of only two department stores in Florence: La Rinascente. The department store has several floors carrying the best brands in fashion. On the top, there is a lovely, small terrace that allows you to see the roof tops and Piazza della Reppubblica from a different perspective. Enjoy a cup of coffee.

Address: Piazza della Repubblica 3-5

3)      Giardino delle Rose

This garden was closed to the public until a couple of years ago. Now, fortunately, you can visit it all year long from 9 a.m. until sunset and can admire the view of the center of Florence.  During Spring you will be surrounded by 350 different species of blooming.

In the same garden you can find, moreover, a little corner of Japan which was a gift to the city of Florence from the  town of Kyōto and was designed by the famous Japanese architect, Yasuo Kitayama.

Since 2011, the garden also includes 10 statues by the Belgian artist Jean-Michel Folon.

Address: Viale Giuseppe Poggi, 2

4)      Torre San Niccolò

There are only 150 steps to climb this tower and from the top you find an unknown panorama of the city. Make sure you first write to the following email address because is not always opened and you may need to make a reservation.

5)      Orti del Parnaso

If you are staying in Florence for more than just a few days, you might want to discover this garden. It is right above the Giardino dell’Orticultura that has, instead,  a really spectacular greenhouse.

Entering from above  you will find a lovely and quiet view at the top of the garden together with a “scary” statue of a dragon/snake!  

Address: Via Trento, 3

So choose one of these secret views of Florence, relax and enjoy the great view with the locals!


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