mokaEverybody knows that COFFEE is the most popular drink in Italy. And everybody knows that espresso is the way that Italians drink it. Italians have fun making coffee with many kinds of espresso machines.

But what just a few people know is that you can make your own espresso coffee every morning and without the use of an expensive espresso machine to make it. The only thing you will need is a simple and cheap MOKA.  🙂

So, first of all: what is a Moka?

The Moka was invented in Italy in the 1930s’. The name comes from a city in Yemen where coffee is known to be very good. This funny machine is made of a boiling chamber, a filter and a collecting chamber.

Where to buy the Moka?

If you are going to be in Italy soon, buy it here. If, instead, you are curious to try it now, you will be able to find the Moka in specialized shops or online, for example on the Illy website, for a really inexpensive price. 

How to make espresso in the Moka?

The procedure of making coffee in the espresso machine is more complicated to explain than to do. 🙂

1) First, fill the boiling chamber with water (not above the line you see inside). If you already have warm water you can pour that instead of water from the tap.  This will make the process quicker, but this way you may also have a lighter coffee

2) Now, fill the filter with coffee without pressing it.  Probably, the best brands that are readily available in grocery stores include Illy, Lavazza and Caffè Vergnano.  

3) Place the filter inside the boiler.

4) Screw the boiling chamber+filter to the collecting chamber.

5) Place the espresso machine on the stove on a low fire.

6) When the coffee fills the upper, collecting chamber, turn off the stove.

7) Stir with a spoon and pour into a cup.

8) Finally, enjoy!!! 

You can drink your espresso with or without sugar, as you prefer. 🙂

At the bar the best Coffee machine from which you can taste espresso is La Marzocco, find out how to visit the factory.

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