At Gerla's

At Gerla’s

On my last trip to Turin I was happily surprised to find so many chocolate shops.  Once back I did some research and found out that Turin produces 40% of the total production of chocolate all across Italy. That means production of chocolate in Turin is about 85.000 tons a year (OMG!). The incredible thing is that there are not only the large industries that produce chocolate, like Streglio, but you can find many authentic, cozy and artisan places where you can enjoy a cup of hot chocolate on a rainy, winter day.

So, this article lists the top 8 spots where you can find chocolate in Turin. These first ones are actual chocolate shops where you can buy chocolate to bring home, as well as sit down.  They are all very suggestive, but I do advise that sitting down will be very costly :O. Of course its a once in a life time experience so maybe it’s worth it.

1) Guido Gobino -Via Lagrange 1

2) Baratti e Milano – Piazza Castello, 10

3) Peyrano – Corso Vittorie Emanuele II, 76

4) Farmacia del Cambio – Piazza Carignano, 2

5) Confetteria Roma già Talmone – Piazza Carlo Felice, 36

These instead are 3 cafes that you can’t miss. Here you can enjoy some hot chocolate while sitting and relaxing at a price that is affordable to all.

1) Al Bicerin – Piazza della Consolata,  5

The name comes from the “Bicerin”, a drink that was invented in the  18th century and made out of coffee, cocoa and cream.  Bicerin is a typical drink served in Turin, so be sure you give it a try. The Cafè has always been a regular meeting place for special and important people like: Cavour, Nietzche, Puccini and Italo Calvino. You can still sit at the table where Cavour used to drink his Bicerin.

Where to eat chocolate in Turin

2) Gerla – Corso Vittorio Emanuele II, 88

Here you can find a fountain made of chocolate.   Have fun choosing the cookie to dip into the chocolate cream that drips from the fountain.

3) Convitto Cafè Via San Francesco da Paola, 8

This place is  famous for its “merenda” (snacks) with hot chocolate,  dessert tastings, and Moscato d’Asti.

So, what are you waiting for: have fun tasting chocolate in Torino 🙂