For the more adventurous tourists I suggest this incredible activity: Tree Sleeping.

With Tree Sleeping you can really sleep on a tree near Borgo San Lorenzo which is a small town near Florence  in Tuscany or you can also choose to tree sleep near Baratti which is, always in Tuscany but near the beach!

tree sleeping

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Matteo, Lapo and Matteo are in charge of the project Tree Sleeping. Anybody can sleep on the tree, including  children in the company of an adult during spring and summer if  the weather conditions permit. No worries if there is bad weather, in that case you will able to sleep in a tent and still have fun!!!

In order to tree sleep, you will need a sleeping bag, which can also be provided by the coordinators upon request. They will also provide you with equipment (among which you will find a helmet, a sealed bag for personal stuff to hang, a forehead flashlight and a mosquito net) so you can relax in nature in complete comfort and safety. There will be always one of the owners of this activity that sleeps near you, so for any need you can call him and he will come to assist you. 

In the morning you will be served with a healthy and natural breakfast.

Fall asleep beneath the stars and wake up with this astonishing view 🙂

Tree sleeping

Ph, Tree sleeping, Facebook

Learn to appreciate and love nature from a different point of view. 

For those afraid of heights or sleepwalkers, maybe it is better just to watch  others, but for everybody else, why not?

For more info here is the website:

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