Gnam is a restaurant & take away in the area of San Frediano in Florence. I just discovered Gnam the other day, and realize I may be going very often. We can describe it as a place to enjoy a fresh and healthly meal in a really cool environment. 

On the same street you will find both the restaurant  and, just across from it, the take-away if you are in a hurry but don’t want to renounce a healthy meal

In the last year the conception of Green and eco-friendly is (finally) gradually expanding all over Italy. Gnam is a truly eco-friendly place.

It opened in 2014 and is specialized in hamburgers and soups (both cold for the summer and hot for the winter).

Even if everything is totally Bio, the menu manages to please any kind of taste from meat lovers to vegetarians!

The mission is to use food strictly produced or prepared locally – like the Florentines say: Uscio e Bottega which is a funny Tuscan expression that means that “everything is near home”. In fact Uscio means door and Bottega means small shop. 

Yes, Uscio e Bottega is the only possible way to describe the experience you will have at Gnam. The bread comes from a local bakery in the area of San Frediano (I recommend that you try the spinach bread: healthy and really really good)  and the meat is from a local butcher who sells only meat that respects the five freedoms of animals.

Here, Mediterranean ingredients meet a Green style cuisine… You will find a delicious and rich menu that offers you different kinds of recipes depending on the seasons, so just fresh ingredients.

And don’t forget to try the dessert 🙂 


For more info:

Gnam Restaurant & Gnam Takeaway 

VIA DI CAMALDOLI 2/r, Florence

open everyday
from 12 p.m. to 3 p.m. and 6 p.m to 12 a.m. 

Aperitivo (find out more about Aperitivo) from 6 p.m. untill 8 p.m


TEL: 055-223952


In the same area you will find an American Bakery (more details in this article) for a fun breakfast.

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