One of the reasons most people love Florence is because everywhere you go there is a new story to discover. Here you can learn the history of the Kaffeehaus inside the Boboli gardens.

The Kaffeehaus inside the Boboli gardens was built in 1776 by the Lorena family. We can notice the Lorena “touch” because of the green color of the building.

kaffeehaus boboli gardens

Coffee and hot chocolate were a trend among the noble families in the seventeen hundreds. The word Kaffehaus means literally coffee house. The Lorena wanted to have everything that other aristocrat families around Europe had, so they asked Zanobi del Rosso to add this building inside the Boboli gardens.  This way, they could have a specific space to enjoy their “coffee break” 🙂 with their family and their court.  The Lorena family not only wanted a specific area to drink their daily coffee, but they also wanted to reach the Kaffeehaus with a carriage.

The architect was inspired by the Rococò style and replaced the vegetable gardens of the Medici family, when they lived in the Pitti Palace, with the Kaffeehaus.

kaffeehaus boboli gardens

Inside we can admire frescos designed by Giuseppe del Moro, Giuliano Trabbalesi and Pasquale Micheli. 

Until a few years ago, the Kaffeehaus had a café inside and the tables were located on the small terrace.  The view from here was amazing!  Then, for years it has been closed to the public. Now the Boboli gardens, occasionally, opens the Kaffeehaus to the public during some periods of the year.

It seems that it might soon be subcontracted and  become a café again, so the Florentines and visitors can enjoy a drink here just like the Lorena family did… This way the original purpose of the Kaffeehaus will be honored once again…

More info:

The Kaffeehaus will be open for visits until the 11th of July 2015 from Monday to Saturday from 9 a.m to 6 p.m. The entrance is included in the ticket for the Boboli gardens (10 Euros full price; 5 Euros reduced price).

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