Ice-cream is one of the must haves in Italy together with Pasta and Pizza.

On a trip to Italy plan on having at least one a day as you can have so much fun tasting all of the different flavors in different ice cream shops. But the risk is there are so many places to buy ice-cream that very often the quality of some is low.

Here some tips and tricks to choose the best ice-cream shop for your daily made in Italy ice-cream.


Ph, Yari Simone Prete, Flickr

1) Do not choose ice-cream shops with containers of each flavor that are over flowing. Remember: it’s not about the look, but ingredients 🙂

2) Do not choose ice-cream shops with containers that are full, but flattened out along the borders. They are not very appealing anyway 🙁  You need to go in between – in other words, half way between flat at the borders and very visibly over flowing. Let’s say that the appearance should be natural.

3) A good ice-cream shop only sells ice-cream. So, avoid the shops that sell other things such as waffles (definitely NOT a typical Italian dessert), pasta or pizza.

4) Look at the coloring as it should be as natural as possible, they should’t look like florescent highlighters.

5) Look for ice-cream shops where the locals go and not only tourists. They for sure know the best ones.

So, once you got your ice-cream, how do you understand if it is a really good quality ice-cream? Here are two tricks:

  • The creamier the better. This means, the creamier the ice-cream with no lumps of ice, the better the quality.
  • If the ice-cream doesn’t melt quickly (especially if the outside temperature is high), the more likely it contains vegetable fat, which takes away from quality.

So, if it has all of these characteristics, it is definitely a place to go back to on your Italian holiday

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