Are you looking for something special to do on a summer night in Florence?  This is the perfect thing for you: a boat tour on the Arno River.

Take a romantic tour on the Arno accompanied by some of the most interesting stories of life on the river throughout the history of the city.

The boats are propelled forward in the original manner.  The rower uses a long oar called “stanga” in Florentine, and pushes the boat from the bottom of the river. 


boat tour on the Arno

This is possible thanks to the cultural Association “I Remaioli“, that, since 1995, has the goal to promote boating on the Arno. You can enjoy the boat tour on the Arno every year from May until September, which is the best period to admire  the romantic summer sunsets. The tour starts from the “Palazzo della Borsa” and, for 45 minutes, will bring you where there is more history to discover and enjoy. You will pass by the Ponte Vecchio (“Old Bridge”) and of course the Uffizi Museum and the Vasari Corridor. Not only will you see these famous sites, but you will also be able to admire many other historical buildings and towers from a perspective that you may not have noticed while walking along the Arno.

The Arno has accompanied Florentine history since the Roman period and in every corner there is a secret to discover.

boat tour on the Arno

With no doubt, it is a really lovely way to enjoy the Arno and its history. If you are looking for a special place to propose or to celebrate a romantic occasion, this is ideal. 

When else can you see the details of the Ponte Vecchio so close?

Bring a bottle of wine or prosecco to enhance the experience, and create envy among the people on the bridges above.

boat tour on the ArnoInfo:

The price of the boat ride is 15 Euro per person with a minimum price of 75 Euros.

For booking you can call the following number + 39 347 7982 356 and indicate: name, telephone number, number of participants, time and day chosen for the trip, the request of a tour guide, and other eventual requests.

For more info about the boat tour on the Arno visit the official website:

Did you know?
When the butchers on the Ponte Vecchio were replaced with goldsmiths the rowers started to look for gold underneath the bridge. 


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