It is rare to find places and people that still conserve their original traditions without feeling the change in times and centuries. Scarperia is definitely a place where visitors get a sense of what it was like back in the XV century when this town began its long tradition of the industry of handmade knives of Scarperia. 

How to reach Scarperia:

By car: This is certainly the easiest way to reach Scarperia. From Florence it will take about 1 hour, taking you right through the heart of the Mugello, so it is lovely.   Parking is not a problem as it is easily found just outside town.

By train: You can also reach Scarperia by train, getting off at San Piero a Sieve then catching a local bus.  This option is, however, not as convenient.

Knives of Scarperia:

Scarperia is a lovely town located at the foot of the Appennine mountains. It was founded by the Florentine Republic on the 8th of September, 1306, a day that is still celebrated every year.  In 1415, the Florentine government established a Vicar who had the power to administer over the entire Mugello territory. During his power, which lasted for 6 months only so that he would not take complete control, the Vicar lived in the Palazzo dei Vicari (Vicar Palace).

knives of scarperia

The facade of this incredible palace is decorated with numerous coats of arms since each Vicar was obliged to leave the emblem of his family.

Inside, instead, you can admire frescos and obviously the museum of knives with a collection of knives of Scarperia made during the centuries!

For more info on opening hours and prices, here is the link to the museum’s official website

knives of scarperia Scarperia is famous worldwide for its hand made knives, in fact, it is called the “Paese del coltelli” (the town of knives).  Visitors will notice that in every corner you look there is a knife shop… knives of scarperia knives of scarperia

knives of scarperia


knives of scarperia … and every shop has its own history, tradition and collection, so a visit to each one is well worth the visit.

The Coltelleria Saladini in particular caught my attention. 

knives of scarperia

In the showroom you can admire the collection of their handmade products from knives to a whole variety of kitchen accessories. As you can see from the photo, the tower of the Vicar Palace makes up part of the Saladini Logo.

There are traces of the Saladini knife makers dating back to the 19th century. Since then the family has passed down the passion for the art of making knives until today!

Saladini is very selective in the choice of the products used to make the knives both for the blades and for the materials used for the handles. The results are lovely handmade knives of Scarperia with techniques handed down for generations but combined with technological innovation.

You can find the showroom in the center of Scarperia in Via Solferino, 19 or visit the website.

knives of scarperia

Near Scarperia you can also find the La Marzocco factory. 

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