For all coffee lovers. Did you know that just one hour from Florence you can learn how professional espresso coffee machines are made at La Marzocco?

You can learn at La Marzocco, known the world over by coffee enthusiasts and baristas who care about quality. 

La Marzocco was founded in Florence in 1927 by Giuseppe and Bruno Bambi.

Giuseppe opened the company with his brother after having earlier, that same year, built a coffee machine on behalf of another individual. But this coffee machine, unfortunately or fortunately for Giuseppe, was difficult to sell and the individual who engaged Giuseppe abandoned the project. So Giuseppe decided to take the risk and open his own workshop and better develop this project. From here, a long tradition of designing and manufacturing handmade espresso coffee machines began. This is just a small sample of the history of this company and espresso coffee… 

La Marzocco

Visits begin with a coffee or cappuccino at the factory bar, so this alone is already a really good reason to go! The visit (which by the way is free) lasts approximately one hour and a half and will take you through the long and interesting history of La Marzocco, and includes interesting information concerning coffee itself.

  La Marzocco

Not only, you will have an opportunity to see with your own eyes how the La Marzocco machines are assembled, all by hand.

La Marzocco

Visiting La Marzocco is a memorable experience not only for coffee lovers and people who work in the coffee sector, but for those who appreciate innovative technology and passion for work and for quality.  Here is more info on how to reach the factory and how to book your visit.

How to reach the La Marzocco Factory?

The factory is located in Scarperia, about 30 km north of Florence.

By car: From Florence follow indications to via Bolognese then follow to Borgo San Lorenzo or San Piero. The factory is located exactly in 14/H v, La Torre, Scarperia. 

By train: Get off at the San Piero station and take a taxi to the company (it will take only 5 minutes)

How to book a visit?

You can book a visit on weekdays at 10.30 am. 

Visits are carried out in French, English, German, Italian, Romanian or Spanish More info available on the official website.

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