Altought Florence is not on the coast it is still possible to find good quality and fresh fish. Here are 3 totally different  places where you can find fish in Florence. These 3 places are totally different and they can be tried for a variety of occasions, but they all have freshness and quality in common.

1) Fuor d’acqua

The best fish in Florence! The atmosphere of this restaurant is quiet and elegant. The menu offers both cooked and raw fish. All of the flavors are amalgamated in a sublime way. Not only: the wine list is exactly what you would expect in a place like this one. Here you can go for a special occasion or a romantic dinner. Prices are not less than 50 Euros per person.
Fish in Florence

The Fuor d’acqua is located in via Pisana 37/r

Here is the link to the official website for more info:

2) Fiaschetteria di pesce

At the Fiaschetteria you can buy fresh fish to bring and cook at home or you can choose to enjoy a fresh and quick dish of fish in this really friendly environment. You can see and choose the exact fish to cook from the fish counter. It is perfect for a fast aperitivo (learn more about the Italian Aperitivo) or a relaxing dinner. The inside recalls on old style fish shop! It is opened both for lunch and dinner and the prices, for a two course meal, are about 25/30 Euros per person. 
fish in Florence

The Fiaschetteria is located in Piazza Taddeo Gaddi 5r to book a table you can call this number 055 706 492

3) PescePane

Just opened in summer of 2015. PescePane is fish street-food. This fun idea comes from 3 Florentines who transformed a vintage Apecar to a street seafood cart exclusively dedicated to cooking fish. The fish obviously comes from the Tuscan coasts and it is prepared directly in front of you. The menu is simple but it will leave you satisfied. Besides serving food on the streets of Florence, the Pescepane team offers the possibility of doing mobile catering at private events. Prices begin at 5 Euros. Like good street food, the cart is not always in the same place. To see where you can find Pescepane today check their website.
fish in Florence

So, here you go, 3 different places to enjoy good quality fish in Florence for 3 different occasions.

Which one are you trying today?

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