Bolgheri is a small village near the Tuscan Etruscan coast.

You can spend quality time both because you find very good wine in Bolgheri plus there is the real feel of a medieval town. As you notice upon entering the small village, Bolgheri’s historical center preserves its old original urban structure.

How to reach Bolgheri?

By car: Once on the Aurelia highway exit at Donoratico and follow indications for Castagneto Carducci and then for Bolgheri. 

By train: With the Tuscan Regional trains departing from all of principal cities, it is possible to reach the Bolgheri station directly. From there, it is necessary to take to take a taxi up to the town.

Bolgeri’s history

This town was developed around the medieval castle which stands on a small hill that can be accessed by passing a beautiful avenue lined with cypress trees (the avenue alone is worth the journey), which is nearly five kilometres long.

The name Bolgheri derives from the military establishment of the Bulgari who were allied with the Lombards. They established themselves in this territory in order to defend it from the eventual landing of Byzantine troops from Sardinia.

The history of this town is strongly connected to the Tuscan family “Della Gherardesca” (an historical noble family).  The visitor can notice their coat of arms on the tower to the right at the entrance of the village.

The town is also closely linked to the life of Giosuè Carducci (a renown Italian writer). His family moved to Bolgheri when he was only 3, so it was here that he spent his youth and celebrated this tiny hamlet in some of his most famous poems.

Bolgheri is very proud to be linked to Carducci’s life so there are several elements that call him to mind. His house is located in the principal square and there is a statue of his grandmother, Nonna Lucia.



Nowadays, Bolgheri is famous worldwide for its red wine. Thanks to the cool sea breezes and hillside vineyards, which allow the making of excellent wines which are sold to the most exclusive restaurants around the world.

The relaxed atmosphere that one perceives here makes it the perfect location to spend an afternoon, to taste wine in the different wine shops together with other delicious local products.


Bolgheri is still relatively unknown by tourists and is perfect for those looking for a destination with a mix of culture, history and wine!

Did you know?
Giousuè Carducci is the first Italian Nobel Prize for Literature.
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