So, like every good traveler in the world you are planning a trip in Italy to discover its history, colors and traditions.. Well done!

Everybody knows the expression “When in Rome do like the Romans do…”.  For this reason, while planning your trip take into consideration these easy rules to help you engage with the locals rather than appearing like the same old tourist…

  • Italians don’t drink cappuccino after noon. Cappuccino is a morning beverage!
  • Italians don’t put parmesan on pizza, but only on Pasta (and not necessarily on every kind).
  • Italians are very fussy about their 3 course meal. There is no such thing as eating salad with pasta or lasagne with pizza. You don’t  have to order a 3 course meal, but if you do, try to respect the order: appetizer, pasta or soup followed by a meat or fish or vegetarian dish with a side dish.
  • It is offensive to cut long pasta while eating it. It was made long on purpose. If you don’t know how to eat long pasta, order the short ones, there are many!
  • Italians don’t use ketchup on pasta or pizza but just on hotdogs and hamburgers (it was made for that)!
  • Italians don’t drink coffee during meals. It will be served at the end.


  • Italians don’t use butter on bread during meals.
  • If you order a peperoni pizza, expect to get a pizza with sweet peppers rather than sliced spicy sausage.  If you want the latter, ask for “salame piccante”.
  • Breakfast, lunch or dinner are meant to be a moment to relax and enjoy the flavors of the fresh food, while on vacation, appreciate it. Don’t eat while walking or running around.
  • Ice-cream is not a morning snack, Italians eat it after noon, so if you find an ice-cream shop that you just can’t resist, return  in the afternoon.
  • Milk is NOT a  beverage to be had at meals. It is for breakfast!
  • When you order a pizza, expect to cut it yourself.

You are now ready to travel to Italy, survive it’s complex  rules about meals and almost appear like a local!

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