If you are looking for a different way to explore Italy’s countryside, Vintage Tours is perfect for you!

One day or more on an Italian Vespa is perfect for those who want to experience a different type of tourism: slow-tourism. There is no better way to explore the Italian panorama than with one of Italy’s most renown icons: the Vespa.

Vintage Tours

Vintage Tours

With the relaxing, slow pace and with the wind in your hair, discover details that you would likely miss while in a car. Ideal for people who enjoy the simplicity and beauty of fleeting moments or for those who are in search of some fun adventure, you will definitely have just that while traveling on a Vintage Vespa.

Vintage Tours

How to book with Vintage Tours?

With Vintage Tours you will be able to choose from several types of vintage vehicles as well as other modern vehicles, whether motorbikes or cars. 

Vintage Tours is based in Montepulciano, in the center of Italy and in the heart of the lovely Val d’Orcia, so a strategic position that will allow you to discover one of the most amazing countrysides in all of Europe! On this map there are only a few of the numerous places you can visit. According to what you are looking for and depending on the season here is just a taste: old medieval villages, thermal baths, lakes, culinary excursions, incredible villas (if you love villas and gardens, don’t miss La Foce) and much more!

Vintage Tours

The tour includes:

  • the vintage (or not) vespa or car
  • helmet
  • a map of the area
  • a bandana
  • a windbreaker
  • a backpack

Plus, there are other items you can rent that will make your journey even more fun, like a selfie stick, a go-pro and a picnic basket (a great idea for a romanic journey!); and of course, Dario, the founder of Vintage Tours, will answer any question both before and during the tour.

It will probably be the most memorable and fun day during your trip to Italy!

For more info you see the official website.

Vintage Tours is located in:

Piazza dell’Amicizia, 3, 53045 Montepulciano SI.

Did you know?

The first Vespa was created in 1945 and it was called Paperino,

which means little duck!


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