In a fast-paced world like ours, while on vacation it is a good idea to take a moment to slow down. This is what Toscana by Bike offers its clients: an opportunity to visit the Italian countryside in a relaxed and adventurous way.

Toscana by Bike was founded by Massimo in 2015 and has already gathered success from both the local community and by adventurous travellers who want to explore the Tuscan land in complete silence, while discovering locations that with other vehicles would be impossible.
toscana by bike
toscana by bike

What does Toscana by Bike offer you?

Toscana by Bike rents bikes of all kinds for all types of needs, from the classic mountain bike to the latest bike model: the e-bike.

What exactly is an e-bike?

The e-bike is a pedal assisted bike (for experts: EPAC, Electric Pedal Assisted Cycle), where an electric motor has been added and is activated by the movement of the pedals. The e-bike, in fact, is equipped with an electronic control unit that operates the electric motor only when it “feels” as if the cyclist is pushing on the pedals. There are no buttons, accelerators, levers or whatever: the electric motor is switched off when you stop pedalling or when braking and is activated only when it is needed, leaving your legs to carry out the main task of propulsion. So, e-bike is a bike that will help the cyclist without replacing him.

toscana by bike

This means that you will continue to feel the exercise, but it will be much less tiring and on hills in being aided by the electric device, you will only have to cycle. This way you will feel the same fatigue whether on flat surfaces or while pedalling up hill.

There are several itineraries that Toscana by Bike offers, from difficult to easy to adapt for all ages and occasions: romantic tours during the sunset, easy tours for families or adventurous tours for the most well trained cyclists.

You can also chose to experience the tour on your own or with a proper guide who will explain the surrounding territory, which could prove to be a great idea for those keen on learning details.

These are in detail options you have with Toscana by Bike:

  1. Authentic Tuscany: a taste of Tuscany among green hills, food/wine tasting and history.
  2. Discover Florence: from the hills to the city centre.
  3. Sunset Tour: enjoy the Chianti hills with the sun goes down.
  4. Self-guided tours: follow the wind and explore where you prefer.
  5. Custom Tours: Toscana by Bike organizes custom tours depending on your needs.

The e-bike allows to move around from one town to the other, exercising, having fun and all without polluting the environment around you. If you get lucky, on your way you may find this incredibly typical dish.

toscana by bike

Toscana by Bike 

Via Romita 83
San Quirico in Collina, 
+39 393 9774847

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Did you know?

With the e-bike you can burn up to 700 calories an hour.

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