The Elba Island is a small isle just off the Tuscan coast loved by many for its beaches, food and landscape, as well as many hidden romantic locations.

Elba can easily be reached by ferry boats to Elba that run frequently from Italian ports all year long.

The Elba Island: places for a romantic vacation

Monte Capanne: the highest peak on the Island (1019 m.). You can easily reach the top of the peak by an adventurous ride on a cable car departing not too far from Marciana. From the top one can admire the breath-taking panorama of the whole island, the surrounding sea and, on especially clear days, the mainland and other islands as far as Corsica.

Capoliveri: a small village that is full of small typical restaurants and souvenir shops, just what you need for a perfect break from the beach.

Marciana Marina: maybe the least crowded town on Elba, it is also among the smallest towns in all of Italy. Don’t miss the Torre degli Appiani (an ancient watch tower used to keep watch for potential invasions by sea).  If you happen to be in the area on the 12th of August, be sure to take part at the celebration of the patron saint: Santa Chiara d’Assisi. What could be more romantic than fireworks on the beach?!?


Lunch on a boat: from all the principal ports on Elba it is possible to find fishermen and boat owners who, for a small amount of money, will take you out for the day on a cosy boat ride, with stops to swim on quiet beaches or within hidden bays, very often serving a light fresh fish lunch offshore.

Fetovaia: of course not the only lovely beach on Elba, but this one deserves a romantic stop at sunset.


Trekking: a different way to explore Elba is to take a romantic walk from Fetovaia to Marciana Marina. During the five hour hike it is possible to enjoy the island’s sounds, colors and perfumes, and surround yourself in nature in its purest state. In light of the heat, it is best to plan this excursion in the spring or late summer.


Biodola: another not to be missed beach on Elba. Unlike other beaches, this one is very easy to reach from the road. For this reason it becomes quite crowded during the high season. The best advice is to arrive early in the morning or late in the afternoon to enjoy the crystalline sea during the most romantic hours of the day.

If you are in search of romantic occasions and peace from the crowds, Elba island is what you are looking for. And why not choose one of these locations for a wedding proposal?

Did you know?

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