Sardinia is a popular destination for beach and nature lovers. Here are some interesting things to see on this incredibly gorgeous island. It offers so much, no doubt there is something that will suit everybody’s fancy!

Ferries to Sardinia can be found at all of the major ports of Italy, and once on the island, the best option is to travel around by car.

Places to see in Sardinia

Tharros: an archaeological site that is directly on the sea. Not something you see every day! Tharros is a Punic settlement dating to back the 8th century. It extends 20 km on the Sinis peninsula.


Canyon of Gorropu: often it is believed that Sardinia is famous only for its beaches and night life. Instead on the easten side of the Island, one of the largest canyons in Europe can be found, a real geological monument! There are several routes to explore it. There is also the option to travel around the area by jeep for those not intersted in hiking.

Isola di Tavolara: surrounded by crystal clear sea and unspoiled nature, this island stands out like a jewel on the Mediterranean.


Capo Comino: compared to other places, it remains isolated, but is convenient to get around. From here, in fact, it is easy to reach the famous area of San Teodoro and Porto Cervo (where European and international VIPS vacation). Capo Comino is also blessed with a wonderful and vast beach, making it Caribbean in feel.

Oasis of Bidderosa: to acces this beach it is necessary to have an advanced booking, alloensuring that it remain paceful. The oasis is made up of five different beaches and a few refreshment areas.

Capo Caccia: an incredible panoramic point near the city of Alghero. Enjoy the view it offers from the top (which can be reached by car) or from down below, where there are several caves (in this case, the be reached by boat).

Faraglione di Pan di Zucchero: a cliff that is quite close to the shore. It is especially charming when the wind blows fiercely, and the power of the sea can be admired in all its beauty.

Do not miss the Nuraghe: a type of stone constructions that can be found throughout the island that were built by the ancient popolation, Nuragica. The function of these structures is not yet clear to archeologists, so have fun taking guesses as you spot them around Sardinia…

Did you know?

The name Sardinia (Sardegna in Italian) comes from the Latin word Sandaliotis, which means sandal.  Indeed, the island is shaped like a human footprint.

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