It could not have been any other region than Tuscany to be the first region in Italy that is accessible to everyone thanks to the service provided by Travelability.

Once again, Tuscany proves to be advanced on social issues such as accessibility not only for its own citizens, but also in the tourism sector. Of course, the proclamation that 2017 be the International Year of Sustainable Tourism by the United Nations brings even greater focus to the important issue of accessibility.

Travelability is a new service that came into being in 2016 and is already receiving international attention. Thanks to Travelability, everybody can enjoy a trip to Italy in total comfort.

But what exactly does Travelability offer?

Travelability gives special attention both to the elderly and to anyone who has a disability.

It offers, on one hand, the classical service of a tour operator to organize details of a trip, with the difference being that the tours offered by Travelability go beyond standard tours. The guest will, in fact, be able to reserve exclusive experiences and live a unique vacation, with carefully created tours. On the other hand, and the cherry on the cake, is that Travelability not only has travel planners, but a medical team that is available to the guest if necessary, providing every necessary treatment and/or attention that may be required. It is also possible to reserve a personal assistant to accompany the guest everywhere. In this manner, everybody will be free and safe since any barriers that may be found while travelling will be pulled down.


Travelability is creating partnerships throughout Tuscany in order to expand travel opportunities for individuals with special needs in every corner of this amazing region.

Everybody should have the opportunity to discover the magic of travelling to Italy and Tuscany, and thanks to Travelability this is finally becoming a reality.

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