An interesting curiosity that not everybody knows is that thanks to the Medici family several customs were introduced to France by a member of the family, Catherine de’ Medici, who lived there following her marriage to Henry II in the 1500s.

One of these customs was the Art of Perfumery, both to benefit the ambiance and the individual. Catherine de’ Medici exported such perfumes to France in light of the elegant practice she acquired while growing up and living in Florence. She was indeed a woman who loved the enjoyment of a luxurious lifestyle, and her customs definitely proved it.

Catherine de’ Medici

Catherine de’ Medici and René le Florentin

Catherine de’ Medici, cleverly, wore perfume on her gloves and body: in this way she avoided the odors of other people, who did not wash regularly at that time in history. This custom was invented by Renato Bianco (or, as the French say: René le Florentin) who was her personal and of trusted perfumer and, not surprisingly, he followed her to the court in France upon her marriage.
He invented specifically for Catherine many ways to carry perfume around: including fragrant pomegranates, a particular jewel shaped like a sphere that could be worn around the neck or on the belt. The sphere itself contained solid perfumes. Soon after this, the spheres, or boules, became popular in all of Europe. Since René’s ideas were highly appreciated in France, it is not a causality that the French became masters in the art of perfumery.

Catherine de’ Medici

Following tradition, Florence has modern laboratories that inherited the original customs of the Medici family. One of the most important, and at the same time off the beaten track, is Arômantique.

Arômantique was founded by Letizia in 2015. She is a Florentine and an architect by trade who decided to change her life and do something that could benefit others and encourage more harmonious lifestyles by incorporating nature. Indeed, her laboratory is surrounded by a gorgeous garden.

Letizia is passionate about flowers and odors. She began by creating handmade ambience fragrances using only high quality products. It is possible to visit her lovely garden and interesting laboratory as well as participate in the classes that she organizes in the art of perfumery, including:

  • Create a solid or liquid aromatherapy perfume
  • Crystals and natural fragrances
  • Essential oils for breathing
  • Learn all about aromatic plants

At Arômantique you can take a specific course that allows you to get close to Catherine de’ Medici’ s tradition. In fact, you will be able to recreate one of the ideas of the Florentine perfumer, René le Florentine, and create your own personal fragrant necklace. The cherry on the cake, moreover, is that Arômantiques’ perfumes create well-being for our body by stimulating aromatherapy and energy.

For more information visit the official website.

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