Who said that a museum has to be indoors? Dozza, definitely an undiscovered town in the center of Italy offers paintings all over the façades of the town’s buildings.

Dozza: A permanent Outdoor Art Gallery

The tradition dates back to a rainy weekend of June 1960 when the first Biennial of the Muro Dipinto (Painted Wall) took place in the lovely town of Dozza. In particular, a series of artists were invited to paint on the town’s walls, whether public or private buildings, granting owners the option to provide space or not to the Biennial.

Thanks to this original idea, this fortified medieval village, just 30 minutes from Bologna, through the years has become an open air gallery attracting curious visitors from all over the globe.


At the beginning, the Biennial was organized in a competitive way. A jury decided which was the best work of art and the artist received a valuable prize. Since 1973, all of the artists are rewarded equally.


The paintings follow several art techniques: impressionism, cubism, realism etc. and brings to Dozza up to 200 artists from every corner of the world, providing an opportunity to express themselves differently than on the surface of a classic canvas. The paintings of Dozza fit the town harmoniously and some even include original elements of the buildings themselves (windows, doors, etc.).

This town is a MUST see if travelling in the region of Emilia-Romagna. Everybody can appreciate the incredible uniqueness of this little medieval reality that conserves its amazing historical buildings, but at the same time knows how to give an elegant touch of modernity to itself.

Another reason that makes Dozza a place to see is its quality production of wine. In order to enjoy both experiences, art and wine tasting, plan to visit late in the afternoon (this way the art will be illuminated by light from the sunset) and stay for dinner or for the classic Italian aperitivo tradition.


In addition to good wine and street art, you will also find the Rocca Sforzesca which was built in the late 400s upon the request of Caterina Sforza. The original construction has changed over time, but for those who are looking for a Medieval feeling, this is the place to go.

In Dozza you will find art and wine, two Italian classics: what a great combo!

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