Antro del Corchia is just one of those places you would not expect to see in the Northern part of Tuscany, just a 30 minute drive from the beach in the town of Levigliani.

Antro del Corchia: Caves and Mines, a Spectacular Natural Setting in the Heart of Tuscany

When thinking of Tuscany usually we immagine the Ponte Vecchio, the Leaning Tower of Pisa, the David, the Medici family, and the Chianti wine district. Instead, the Apuan Alps, a mountain chain located in the northwest part of Tuscany, offer travellers amazing opportunities: good food, gorgeous hikes and natural exploration, like the one in the Antro del Corchia.


Antro del Corchia

Antro del Corchia in particular is a natural cave reachable from the town of Lavignani and hidden inside the Mount Corchia.

The tour of the cave consists in an interesting journey through the secret natural passages within the mountain. These passages were carved out by water during the course of time
and were first discovered in 1847. Since then, they have been an important attraction of speleologists from over the world Even today, while visiting it is possible to bump into them while they are at work. A two hours journey discovering lakes, stalactites, caves and waterfalls.

Antro del Corchia

The cave has the same temperature of 7°C all year round so make sure to bring proper attire. The tour has also some steep areas, nothing impossible to walk but maybe not suitable for those who are not used to exercising.

In discovering the Antro del Corchia you will find a rare example of that manages to remain untouched from human activity and continue to show its beauty.

Quicksilver mines
In the same complex it is also possible to visit the Quicksilver Mines. This mine is one of three in the world that still has liquid mercury This mine is the oldest in Tuscany having been instituted in 1153.

For more info visit the official website.

Did you know?
The Antro del Corchia was first discovered by Emilio Simi in 1847, and not by chance Emilio was the son of a nobleman of that area who was the owner of several marble quarries. In 1861 he exhibited mineral and geological products from Versilia at the Expo in Florence.

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