Pisa is known worldwide for its unique Leaning Tower but what travelers usually don’t know is that you can walk Pisa’s Medieval walls for 3 km managing to get a different perspective of the city and not only of its famous tower.

Since May 2018, after a large investment in renovation by the Municipality, the ancient walls are now open to the public. This way everybody can enjoy the undiscovered views that the walls hide.

Pisa’s Walls

You will not only be able to admire the Square of Miracles from above: walking the 3km long path you will be able to experience other areas of Pisa, districts that are usually not on travel guides but not for this less interesting. 

Pisa’s Walls

A Little History of Pisa’s Ancient Walls

The construction of the walls began in 1155. In those years Pisa was in a period of great economic prosperity and like all of the medieval towns of the time, Pisa had to defend itself from possible attacks from other powerful cities (like Florence or Livorno).

The best solutions to solve this issue was – of course – the construction of walls that surrounded the whole city of Pisa, protecting not only the monuments but also its people. For the construction of the walls, several types of local rocks were used. Of course, Pisa has since expanded its territory beyond the walls so they no longer fulfill their original propose. Pisa’s walls are one of the few in all of Italy that are almost completely preserved, so the perfect opportunity to get a good idea of what a medieval wall looked like!

Pisa’s Walls

Practical Info

To climb Pisa’s walls there are 4 different climbing points. For travelers, probably the most fitting one is the one situated in the Square of Miracles but why not also experience the others !?!

The entrance fee is only 3 euros and for those who intend on staying a little longer, there are monthly packages since the walls can also be used as shortcuts to move around the city.


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